August 19, 2011

Status - More stuff coming!

Good news everyone!

I've invented a device which makes you read this in your head, in my voice!

I know I know, old joke is old, but there really is good news (everyone, hahaha...*sigh*). Anyway, Newvelaric struck again! He made another donation and I was able to order all missing volumes of Sumomomo, Suzumiya manga (both up to v09) and Haruhi-chan (v04) plus two really short 4-koma manga (which I will reveal at a later date)! This is just awesome! Thank you very much Newvelaric! This means I'm up-to-date with all my projects for once, I will need to start releasing them first though...but don't worry...soon!
The next volumes for these three series come out in November and I'm confident that I'll be able to release them this year as well (Otomen v12 is apparently scheduled for February, so there's still some time for that).

Now...since I've caught up with those series (at least ordered them), I'll create a page for recommendations or requests. Just like it sounds, you can name manga that you'd like to see scanned and maybe I'll buy them. There are a few "rules" and ultimately I'll decide what I'm going to buy but there's bound to be some similarities in taste. So just take a look once it's finished, should be done this weekend. Edit: I just finished it, check it out at the top.

As usual, look for releases after this post.


  1. *raises hand*
    Genju No seiza 8 and 5. Because I missed those volumes and it ain't available over at BD. *Is bricked for selfishness* XDDD
    Ano.. Give it a thought? Or is there a super sekrit release by someone else? I have a feeling it has be done actually. *shrug* *twirls*

    Ps. Has Otomen arrived? Hope BD behaved itself on your first order. ^^ <3

    Thank You kindly Newvelaric for the donation~~ <3

  2. Alright, shortly after your comment I went ahead and finished the page, but I'll still respond to this here.
    While the series could be alright (just read the summary on mangaupdates) it has one major flaw, it was licensed by Tokyopop and they never finished it. I'm not interested in buying another series that I know will never get finished. I already have over 10 of those, not to mention the different light novel series.
    So, I'm sorry but unless there's a specific donation for this manga, I will not buy it.

    As for your other question, yes Otomen has arrived and it's scanned and I had no real problems with BD during this.

  3. Put in about $15.00 donation. Your work allows me to read manga while away from my books and home. Still waiting for more My Heavenly Hockey Club but other stuff you release is awesome too. Thank you for all your work.

  4. Thank you very much for that, a email is already out or should go out soon.
    I also would like it if Kodansha continues MHHC as it's probably in my Top 5 favorite manga of all the stuff I've released so far. Even if Evil Flowers finishes the scanlation I wouldn't hesitate a moment to buy v09+.

  5. How about Chevalier ( Published by DelRey, all 8 volumes out, and 7 of them scanned. Only 1 more to go, but I can't find the last volume anywhere! It's a little dark and moody, but it's really awesome. Maybe you'd consider it?

    And then there's Tetragrammaton Labyrinth (, which is GL, but so much better than the silly school-life fluff I'm so tired of. 6 volumes, fully published by Seven Seas, with about 3 books scanned (on Mangafox).

    So...those are my recs. They aren't exactly light-hearted manga, but if you get tired of slice-of-life comedy, you might one day want to give these a try :) As far as I know, both series are readily available on Amazon.

  6. Oh, and as always -- thank you for your hard work!

  7. From now on this stuff should be posted on the new "Request page" (which I just realized didn't allow comments...fixed!) but those are two are a good example on how you could post there :>
    I've actually considered these two series in the past once.
    I've more or less ignored Chevalier at the time because Furious Puppet released them/was still releasing them and Tetragrammaton is on an old wish-list of mine (well not really a wish-list, more a list of stuff that I could look into at one point).
    My problem with Chevalier is that only one book is left. When I buy manga I'd like to get all the books, so I wouldn't just buy v8 but v1-8. In this case v1-7 would be pretty much useless since they are already out (however the quality isn't the best so there might be some merit in re-scanning those, especially the later ones). Tell you what, the series is on my radar and I will think about it. If there's a donation at one point specifically requesting v8 I'd buy it immediately of course but right now I wouldn't buy the series myself.
    Tetragrammaton is somewhat similar but not to this extent. v1-3 are already scanlated/scanned, so there's v4-6 left. That's not too bad. Plus the scans for c04+ could be better, so again there could be some merit in re-scanning.
    Both of those series aren't rejected yet and I'll mention these on the new request page.

  8. How about Takeru or Missing?

    They're both short, complete series and have not been scanned.

  9. hmm...I'm not too sure about those two.
    I've read the light novel of Missing, at least the two volumes that TP released and didn't like were the story was headed but I don't remember too much anymore.
    As for Takeru, at least the art is good. I don't know too much about the plot though.
    At the moment I'm not really interested in either of them. Sorry

  10. Because Honey and Clover (one of series that you scanned before), I decide to raise my hand, hoping that our tastes might have something in common :D.

    My first suggesting is Natsume Yujinchou (licensed by Viz, named Natsume's Book).
    Although this story doesn't contain much romance, it is indeed a very deep and warm-hearted story.

    The second one is Kimi ni Todoke (licensed by Viz too). Very funny and cute.
    Since you like Otome, I think you will like this manga also.

    The last suggestion is Nana. This manga has been on hiatus for a long time due to author's health problem and I know it is a long manga. However, I just can't stop myself recommending it since Nana is one of my favorite manga.

    Thank you for opening for recommending:D

  11. All of these have one "problem", they are already scanlated.
    Natsume has some quality releases imo and new releases are coming at a more or less regular pace.
    Kimi ni Todoke is similar, though with Loyal Kiss out of the picture, the quality may have dropped a bit, still it is perfectly fine.
    Nana has been on hiatus for years but afair the scanlations are fine too.
    I don't know why I should step in at this point.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy(ed) all three series and if I just had money lying around I'd probably buy those just because they are good but that is not the case, so I'm going to reject these, sorry.
    There may has been some confusion lately since I've release a couple of re-scans and Yotsuba&! is coming soon. So here's a short explanation:
    I've released the re-scans because my previous versions look really bad and since I have the possibility to share better quality scans, why not use it. Yotsuba&! is getting released because I already have the books myself. I like this manga so much that I bought it even though there are scanlations available and still getting released. So scanning them just takes it one step further in hope that other people start to enjoy it as well and maybe buy it.
    In both cases, I've already bought the manga in the past. I hope that clears up some misunderstandings.

  12. You don't have to sorry. I'm the one who have to apologize because I recommended series that have already been scanlated. You're right that I misunderstood something. Now when you make the point clear, I will not do this again. I'm sorry.

  13. This time I make a suggestion of a manga that haven't been scanlated: "All my darling daughters" of Yoshinaga Fumi (published by Viz). It is only one volume manga :D

  14. Next time please put this on the Requests page.

    It's possible but I'll base my final decision on another manga by this author and depending if I like it I might buy this too. I've recently been able to buy Not Love But Delicious Foods [...] but haven't read it yet. I know they aren't the same genre but...meh...why not. I'll let you know somehow.