August 4, 2011

Status - Release schedule or something...

Finally, there's enough going on to warrant another status post.

New releases for Maria are still in the previous post, just scroll down.

I've already told you the gist of everything in the release post for Maria: I got donations and bought manga. Here's how everything will go down for now.

Maria will be finished on Sunday and I will continue with another series from Netcomics straight afterwards and keep the current pace of one volume every two days for that too. This will take another two weeks (7 volumes) and following that I'll go back to my previous pace.

Otomen v11 is ordered and should arrive during this time so I can start releasing it immediately (after the Netcomics stuff).

Hell Girl v07-09 is already on its way to me and will be released after Otomen and is going to take 2-3 weeks, depending on my mood/release speed.

Next is either Sumomomo or Haruhi. I've ordered 5 books total of those but will probably start with Sumomomo.

If you take my current speed of one volume per week, this will take well into October. I have another series lying around here that I'll work on when everything else is done but that's pretty much on a very low priority for now (and I'm not telling what it is).

What else...hmm...the poll is closed and Yotsuba&! won pretty clearly. This doesn't mean that I'll never scan La Corda d'Oro but not in the immediate future. Yotsuba&! on the other hand will get released eventually and maybe I can get some work done while I release this Netcomics stuff and haven't got much else to do.

Look forward to all this stuff!


  1. cool, looking forward to Yotsuba

  2. Hell Girl v07-09 is already on its way