September 10, 2011

Release - Yotsuba&! v02-03 + Moribito v01

Update 13/09/2011: new Moribito version, read below

Yotsuba&! continues!


Volume 1: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU (new upload, read explanation below)
Volume 2: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU
Volume 3: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU
Volume 1-3: 4400px H MF

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

This weekend you get v02-03 and it's just as awesome as before. Again, if you haven't read this before and don't want to wait for my releases, check out M-U to find real scanlations.
A small note to the new upload for v01: I've previously missed a double page and fixed it in this release. If you've already downloaded it before and are only interested in the fixed page, I've also uploaded them separately. It really doesn't look any better than before, it's just more convenient if you don't use an image viewer that can't display two pages side-by-side.

As promised you also get another small release schedule for the next couple of weeks. I'll finally begin releasing Sumomomo and Suzumiya Haruhi again! I'll be alternating new volumes for these series every week, starting with Sumomomo v03 on Monday. I'll also release two new volumes of Yotsuba&! every two weeks (on the weekends), the next ones coming after Suzumiya Haruhi v06. If you haven't noticed before, a more precise schedule is in my "Status field" on the right, although it only covers the immediate releases (like what's coming the next day or next weekend, etc.), I try to update it daily.

Last but not least, here's the new novel!


Volume 1 - Guardian of the Spirit: MF

Update: I've worked a bit on this and released a new version. The HTML file has very few changes, mostly in the code itself. There's also a PDF file included this time that I created following a tutorial from the Baka-Tsuki forums. While the version number is higher the text itself isn't really different from the HTML file, only the formatting. I'll look into converting this one to different other formats and until this is done and I have my more or less final version I'll only upload to MF. Please tell me your thoughts and what could be changed or improved.

Update 2: v1.3 of the PDF is out. The main difference to v1.2 are the embedded fonts so it can be read on every device, even if not all fonts are available. There are some other things though, because I had to rebuild the file but nothing major.

Update 3: Alright, this is a major one. It's basically a new HTML file. I took the Word file I used to create the PDF and made another HTML. In the end there aren't really that much changes to my first file, even less when you look at it in you browser, but still it should be better. It contains page breaks, proper headers and stuff so when you create some other specific eBook format from this it could be better. Also since the source is better now I took calibre and converted it to MOBI and EPUB. I tested the MOBI one on my Kindle DX and it looks good and made small changes to the formatting so it looks good on there. A friend of mine also looked at it on his Kindle 3 and said it's good enough but he doesn't really care, so what does he know...I've only looked at the EPUB with the calibre eBook viewer and it was good on there as well but I don't know what's going to happen on your device. This is all I'm going to do with this, unless there's any real errors or something. Of course of there's anyone who's willing to proof/compare it to my scanned pictures and notify me of any mistakes you're more than welcome. Just leave a comment and I'll upload a JPG or PNG version of the book.

My second novel release. It already looks better than my previous one, the OMG novel, but I've only included a HTML file this time. There are far less pictures in this, only three, one before each part plus the covers. These three were double pages and I edited them together pretty quickly and mostly relied on Photoshop tools like content aware filling and whatnot (mostly visible in the third pic, I didn't do any work on that myself). Hmm...what else...there's an awesome anime based on this novel series, though it only covers the events of this first book. Scholastic published the second volume as well and I plan on releasing that too but I don't know when. All the other books will probably never be released in English, iirc they dropped publication after v02.
To the book/scan itself. There shouldn't be any mistakes and I went over everything with a spell check a couple of times so I should be covered in that area. The only thing that could contain some errors is the formatting, like missing line breaks but that should have happened rarely.

I will say this again: I still look for somebody who can help me with these. It's no problem for me the do the scans and OCR but any more than that I have no clue and it comes out pretty simple. If you have any experience with this stuff and can help me produce a decent looking PDF or other eBook format, please leave a comment!



  1. Download Moribito in Mobi

    It works (tested on kindle 3 and Amazon kindle app) but there are a couple minor things that didn't quite convert well:

    1. there's an extra table of contents (converter kept adding an autogenerated one, even though it wasn't supposed to argh)

    2. for some reason it keeps opening and skipping to the beginning of chapter 1 instead of starting at the cover. I think it might be an html tag but I'm not sure which one.

    It's perfectly fine to read though.

    Anyway I'll try again tomorrow. Will try epub too, if no one else does.

  2. Thanks for this. I've tested on my Kindle DX, here's what I got:
    It skips the cover but is opening on my ToC in the beginning.
    There's a second ToC added but it's at the end after the back cover, so it doesn't matter much.

    Another problem: I've messed up one bookmark, the List of Characters one. The link points to #characters but the bookmark is called #character meh...would be corrected in a new version.

    Small note: Notepad++ said the text is encoded in UTF-8 without BOM and when I changed things it would give out the non-letter characters in weird symbols. After converting it to normal UTF-8 there were no problems.

  3. I've looked at the PDF on my Kindle just now, after uploading and the fonts are messed up, probably because of missing embedded fonts. I'll try to fix it without having to rebuild the whole PDF and upload it again.
    Edit: Fixed and new version is up.

  4. Have downloaded version 1.3 of Morbito and gone through it on my PC (mobi reader) and my Kindle3.
    The presentation is excellent, no problem found. Thank you very much!! Was looking for this e-book for a long time already.