November 2, 2011

Status - What's coming next?'s been a while since my last non-release post. I'm going to tell you what I have planned for the next weeks/months.

As usual releases continue under this post (Haruhi v09 in this case), so just scroll down if you're here for that. Otherwise read the rest of the post after the break.

I still have Sumomomo v07-09 and Haruhi-chan v03, ready to be released, so I'll continue alternating these series for a while longer. Additionally I've ordered Sumomomo and Haruhi v10, Haruhi-chan v04 and Yotsuba&! v10 and they should be out and delivered in time that I can start releasing those right away.

Basically my schedule for the next couple of weeks is: finishing Haruhi v09, Sumomomo v07, Haruhi-chan v03, Sumomomo v08 (after this nothing is 100% certain, maybe I have to change some things around a bit), by now Haruhi v10 should have arrived and I'll try to release it, Sumomomo v09, Haurhi-chan v04 and finally Sumomomo v10. I'll throw in Yotsuba&! v10 on some weekend when I feel like it.

This should last me until December and for the rest of the year I have some good, short series: Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy and the two Strawberry-chan volumes. I was able to buy those three books thanks to two donations, one by Balut who's already responsible for "financing" (?) Otomen v10 in the past and an anonymous donator. This announcement is long overdue and I hope both of you don't think bad of me because I took so long. Thank you very much!

Also, I recently got a donation from Aliera, requesting Children of the Sea, so I ordered it of course and this means I will pick up this series as well. Thank you very much!
I probably wouldn't have bought this series myself, at least not at this time, if it weren't for the donation but now that I have v01 (soon) I'll try to finish the series in a timely manner (read: sometime next year) but you are always welcome to chip in and help speed things up.
If you didn't know before, Aliera also has a "manga-scan-blog-thingy" where he/she/it/they release awesome scans of older OOP series or edits of existing scans on the web (e.g. stuff from RandomScans/Kickthekitty), so be sure to check it out :>
Before anybody asks/points out, I know v01 was already completely scanlated in the past but Aliera specifically wished that I start from the beginning. I don't know yet how this'll fit in my release schedule and when it's coming, probably sooner than later though.

Now, more as a footnote, maybe you've already read it on the Requests page, I'll definitely buy and release My Girlfriend's a Geek (Fujoshi Kanojo) in the future, most likely early next year. For now only the manga is planned but maybe the novels as well (they are only two and I will see).

If you have any questions or wish to proclaim your love for the donators or anybody else, just leave a comment.

Edit: Watching some Futurama, scanning some books, life is good...on a related note, sadly I can't re-scan The Girl Who Leapt Through Time right now (the one volume series based on the anime) because the book is falling apart glue or I'll just buy the manga again and do it then. Luckily Bandai has since released their version so I don't have to import it from Australia again and it's much cheaper.


  1. Lol, he/she/it. Try she :p

    Always, glad you're going to scan Strawberry-chan! It's an odd little manga (inflating frogs with straws?) but kinda good in a weird sort of way.

    Any chance of rescans for Law of Ueki?

  2. Ultimately I want to re-scan all my old releases, however long that would take, though I want to focus on the really old stuff first, the ones that weren't even leveled...there isn't too much left of those, off the top of my head, Eureka Seven (both series), Tsukuyomi and maybe one of the Tokikake series. When that's done, yeah, re-scanning Ueki is very much possible though I might prioritize the shorter series first before I work on the long ones (Ueki or Cheeky Angel).
    Of this "really old stuff" I hope to get everything except Tsukuyomi done this year, at least scans (so they can rot on my HDD for months). It's not like I don't have the time but I'm just extremely lazy, especially these last few weeks/months...procrastinating 24/7...

  3. I know this isn’t the right place to ask, but do you know what happened to randomscans’ site? It’s been down for a while and can’t find if he moved

  4. Their site was taken down again a while ago but there's already a new one. Just put '2' at the end of the name:

  5. Glad to hear about the rescans. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Yes, I do wish to proclaim my love -- for both Aliera and you. Thank you so much for making my dream of reading Kaijuu no Kodomo a reality!