December 18, 2011

Re-scan Weekend - The Girl Who Runs Through Time v01-02

The Girl Who Runs Through Time

Volume 1: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF
Volume 2: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

Definetly not my best releases, but not too much I can do. Blame the publisher for printing text so close to the spine...don't they think of the people who have to scan this stuff?!

With this, only Tsukuyomi is left of my early stuff that looks like ass...but I'll re-scan it soon.

Other than this, nothing too spectacular going on...Highschool of the Dead (Color Omnibus) is ordered, so the chance of me working on it is pretty high but here's the problem: the book is a 700 page hardcover...I've never scanned something like that, so who knows how it'll work out...



  1. it's the same history that have a movie ?

  2. Well...I can't really say. It isn't the story of the anime from 2006 which probably most people know. Apparently this has more in common with the original novel from the 1960s or something and there are multiple movies based on that novel. The 2006 anime (and the manga adaptation that I've released in the past and gonna re-scan soon) are some kind of re-telling of the original.

  3. i see. looks like there's just one way to know if it is equal or no to the movie i saw.

    ah, and thanks by all the mangas, i discovered Yotsuba thanks to you, and ordered all the volumes in bookdepository. it's really amazing. thank you.

  4. im confused.... whats 2000h, 4400h and 4300h???

    which is which? i just want to download volume 1 and 2 complete