January 1, 2012

Release & Status - Re-scans and what's coming

Happy New Year everyone! On today's agenda I have two re-scans and a look ahead on what's coming in the next couple of months.

Let's start with the releases.

Interceptor Doll Hoihoi-san

Download: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4900px H MU | 4900px H MF

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

Pretty self-explanatory this one. It's a good manga and a shame that the sequel "[...] Hoihoi-san Legacy" never got released in English.

Onto the next one.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Tokikake

Download: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF

I've talked about this before and some of the problems I initially had to scan this. The book literally began to fall apart when I wanted to scan it, that's why I bought it again. Luckily Bandai since came out with their version, after I had to buy this from Chuang Yi in Australia three years ago. Because I now had two books I decided to debind one of them. You pretty much get the better deal out of this, because the Bandai one is inferior imo. I can't say anything about the translations, but everything else just looks so much better in this one. Oh well...

Debinding was pretty easy and I even found a small tutorial on how to rebind the book but I couldn't try that because the glue in this one was really weird. It wasn't your typical transparent, "rubbery" glue but some kind of stiff paste stripe with sticky sides or something like that. That was definitely the reason it began to fall when I wanted to scan it. Just reading it probably would've been fine but scanning is something different...

Now that the releases are out of the way I'm going to talk about what you can expect the next couple of months.

First I'm obviously going to start with My Girlfriend's a Geek (Fujoshi Kanojo). I've mentioned it so much in the last few weeks and now it's almost here. You get one volume every week (4-5 chapters per book) and the remaining days I'm releasing Tsukuyomi re-scans.

After that it's time for We Were There (Bokura ga Ita), probably v01-13. For that one I'm just releasing it one chapter each day with no interruptions. I know that only v06-08 are potentially interesting for you, if you're already reading this, because everything else was already scanlated but it gives me the opportunity to work on some other stuff, maybe get a bit of a backlog going.

After that I'm not really sure. The new volumes of Otomen, Haruhi, Haruhi-chan and Sumomomo come out in February/March and I'll buy them asap but won't release them until We Were There is finished. I already have the Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus and want to release it (someday) but I haven't really thought about how I should work on that since it's going to be different and maybe more difficult than my previous stuff. I'll probably buy Children of the Sea next week and will obviously release that as well (some time after We Were There). I hope to get Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service in the next few months and will start working on that too.

That's it for now, see you tomorrow.



  1. Oh, thank you so much for scanning Children of the Sea! And I'm really looking forward to Corpse Delivery Service as well...

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate all your scans.

    I'm just wondering though, when are you planning on releasing the novels of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? I'm especially looking forward to those scans.

  3. The Haruhi novels aren't being handled by me. I just scanned those at the request of somebody else (there should be some comments on the Requests page) so I can't really say anything about that.

  4. thank you very much for your hard work and i wish a happy and venturous new year 2012....