January 14, 2012

Re-scan Weekend - Tsukuyomi Moon Phase v04-05

 Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Volume 4: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF
Volume 5: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

Not as good as I hoped it'd be. Too often there's text in the middle of the page which got got off during scanning...but it's still better than before...

Update: Uploaded the proper files this time, along with the new version of the v04 4400px H one. Sorry about that. If you've downloaded the old file before I could remove the links and have a fucked up p006-007 (4400px H only), check the comments for a link to the new, corrected image.



  1. I've problem with this page Tsukuyomi_v04_p006-007.png (4400px)

  2. oh man...totally my mistake...I usually check for these kind of things (sometimes when the files are saved with a size like this it comes out looking like ass) but totally forgot this time. I'll reupload and will post the new links when I release v05.
    Sorry for that.

  3. almost forgot, here's the proper file, so you don't have to download everything again:

  4. ah, i remember the anime for this manga... with infinity "nekomimi mode" opening song.

  5. Megaupload RIP

  6. Yeah, just saw that MU news myself. I'll wait for now and see what happens but if the site stays down I have to look for another hoster. Also it would suck monkey balls, since I still had 1 more year of premium service...

  7. How about multiupload.com?

  8. Well, there's always fileserve and we all LOVE mediafire.

    Hopefully this won't impact releases for the near future, I'm really looking forward to reading the new HQ scans of Tsukuyomi.

  9. Yeah, MF is probably one of the best hosts (if not the best) for this stuff, of you don't have a premium account somewhere.
    As for an alternative, well, I use Fileserve, Filesonic, Wupload, Netload and all the others sometimes and they are alright, if you only have a small number of files (for a free user). They aren't the best, they just get used so much because of the reward programs they offer imo. That isn't an issue for me (or a selling point when looking for a mirror for these files) because this stuff just doesn't get downloaded enough for that to really matter. Rapidshare for example is pretty good right now, since they have no captcha or download limit (and good download speed), just no parallel downloads. Although, they are probably blocked by a number of ISPs around the world, because they are/were pretty well known.
    Soooo...yeah...there you have it...
    A small note to multiupload or similar sites, I don't like 'em too much. They could be a possible temporary solution, but probably nothing permanent.

  10. I'm in agreement with you 100%, on all accounts.

    I never 'got' the Rapidshare hate. RS allows anyone to download files over 1GB in size and for downloading TVrips, I LOVE that. That sure beats the crap out of having to download 3-5 separate files because of size restrictions. Guess it's just cool to hate on anything 'popular'. Damn kids...

    That said, Mediafire is my personal favorite. Multiple simultaneous downloads, no waits and when done from their site, no capita. However, the 200MB file size restriction blows. :|

  11. Just as a fyi, RS sucked for a long time...they had captchas, small download limits, 100-200MB file size and even as a premium member you had a (pretty small imo) daily/monthly download limit for quite some time.

  12. Oh I remember how much of a hassle RS once was... but in internet years, that was a millenia ago. No one still talks of sites like supernova, do they? Not exactly the best example, but I'm sure you understand what I mean.

  13. Depositfiles might make a good backup too. Apparently they're located off the eastern coast of Africa and a lot of those small island online services don't really give a crap what America does.