July 19, 2014

Release - Otomen


Volume 12: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 13: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 14: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 15: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 16: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 17: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 18: Download | Hi-Res (end)

Note: High-Res version is 4X00px high, the normal version is 2000px high. Just because one is named Hi-Res doesn't mean the other one low quality or something. If you know my previous releases, nothing has changed except I removed the 2000h or 4X00h from the file name.

I'll update this post as I finish the last books. Editing doesn't take too long, it's mostly converting to PNG and uploading. Thank god that's done automatically and I don't have to sit 3h looking at that for each book.

On a side note, what a 180 from Newbee at TI4! Fighting in the tiebreakers to stay in the tournament to the Grand Finals! I don't know much about Dota, but that was impressive. And now that all previous TI Winners/Finalists are eliminated I really don't know anything anymore...



  1. Thanks for the batch! Vici Gaming couldn't adapt in the last 3 games, they got smacked early and never recovered.

  2. Just announced in my blog that your blog is alive! And that there's Otomen in here.
    Looks like you get the linkfolders up? Then I guess I will take down my mirror links. (Or maybe just move them out of sight. It's always good to have few mirrors around)

  3. Thank you kickthekitty and sengfurke for otomen, and the last volume, now I can finally rest and read all the volumes in a row...Nice!

  4. welcome back! and thank you~

  5. Goodbye flower boys!

  6. Hallelluya for your resucitation!!! And like the phoenix return for your ashes jajaja, just joking... Seriously a zillion thanks for your scans and share to us... Congratulations...!!!

  7. Thank you very much for the wonderful surprise:DDDD