July 30, 2014

Release - Wolf Children

Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

Volume 1-3: Download | Hi-Res v1 | Hi-Res v2 | Torrent (end)

This one is from Kickthekitty's blog, some nice scans as usual!
On to the release. This is an omnibus release, this means multiple volumes are in one book, that's why it's pretty big. The normal release has an OK size, ~500mb, but the Hi-Res version came out >2GB. I was able to drop it down a little bit with the use of PNGOUT, but it's still pretty huge. For that reason I did a 8-color version as well (if you remember, back when I released Azumanga, I did the same thing). It's a considerable decrease in size and almost not noticeable, except on the spine shadows, because those are real gradients(?) not just black dots or lines.

Anyway, enjoy the release.

I've scanned a few more books so far, GA v4-5 and started on Haruhi-chan. I don't know when I'll start editing these yet, I'll probably scan the rest of Haruhi-chan and Yotsuba&! first and decide after that. As you can see on the right side, I have a few more possible series lined up but no promises that or when they'll come.
I've had Ichiroh! for a few years now and don't really know why I never scanned the books. Same with Sunshine Sketch (Hidamari Sketch), although I didn't work on this one because the scanlations were still ongoing at the time. The big one is Excel Saga! I'm only missing one more volume, that only needs to be delivered. Since it has so many volumes this one will probably take some time, when/if I ever start on that.

As a disclaimer: No matter what I say, until it's released, don't expect anything!


  1. Viz originally had a digital version of Excel Saga, but it was removed. I wonder why.

  2. Excel Saga! Do want~!

    Hard not to expect anything after this :D, but hopefully things goes well.
    people recommend me to get the digital manga but i can't find it. So it did get removed from viz