July 7, 2014

Release - Sumomomo Momomo + We Were There

Sumomomo Momomo

Volume 11: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 12: Download | Hi-Res (end)

Note: Hi-Res version is 4X00px high, the normal version is 2000px high. Just because one is named Hi-Res doesn't mean the other one low quality or something. If you know my previous releases, nothing has changed except I removed the 2000h or 4X00h from the file name.

The series is complete!

Additionally, We Were There v10. I had this done since before I disappeared, I just didn't post it back then. v11 of this is already scanned as well and will come out eventually.

We Were There

Volume 10: Download | Hi-Res

Next up Otomen! It's scanned but I don't know when I'll edit it, probably depends on how much I enjoy watching the International in a few days.

I'd also like to thank Kickthekitty and Randomscans for holding down the fort while I was away and providing some download mirrors for my old files!



  1. Thanks for the quick release Senf.

    It's really been awhile, it's really nice to have you back.

  2. A very big big thanks for sumomomo, it's a big work and not easy.
    I go read the ending i have waited

  3. You're back! Welcome back! I'm glad I checked today.

  4. Since you did Sumomomo Momomo, do you have any plans of doing Shinobu Ohtaka other series Magi?