December 1, 2014

Release - Haruhi v11-20, Kyon and Koizumi, GA v06

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Volume 11: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 12: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 13: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 14: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 15: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 16: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 17: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 18: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 19: Download | Hi-Res
Volume 20: Download | Hi-Res (end)

Finally done! Also check out the BakaBT torrent/the user Japzone. He scanned v11+ after I went on hiatus and just released his version of v20 (DDL links available in his profile). He's also planning to release another, bigger anthology book of Haruhi this year, Celebration and wants to start on Yuki-chan. Both of those are on my will-buy-list and I might scan them as well when I have them, but no plans whatsoever yet.

The Misfortune of Kyon and Koizumi

Volume 1: Download | Hi-Res (end)

It's an anthology volume with mostly shoujo art?

Volume 6: Download | Hi-Res

It's GA.

I probably do do the latest Haruhi-chan this year, will have to order it first though. I'll try start working on Excel Saga again, maybe do 1-2 volumes a week. If I haven't done anything by next year, I'll upload everything that's done so far (v1-12).



  1. Is there any chance that you re-upload your Gintama copies?

    1. Nothing is down. Check out the Projects page at the top or the MEGA Folder #1 link at the right (not the Hi-Res folders). Everything's there.
      I don't replace the links in my old posts, I'd go mad.

    2. Sorry, I wasn't looking at the folders :(. Thanks for you works on Gintama. It would be nice if you can return to it in the future.

    3. Viz dropped it after 23, so not really possible.

  2. Big thanks to all who make quality scans like this possible!

  3. Thank you so much~! Especially for GA!

  4. I love you
    I love you
    I friggin love you

  5. Hi! Is there a chance you'll release Excel Saga 1-12 before you'll complete the rest? I saw anime looong time ago and i wanted to finish the story :) volumes 1-12 should make me happy for couple of weeks/months :)
    Thanks for all your great work!

    1. Yeah I probably should...
      Will think about it a bit more.

  6. Thank you for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series! <3

  7. excuse me , when will you release vol 8 of melancholy of haruhi suzumiya-chan

  8. thanks a lot for this man, you fuckin rock xD

  9. Thanks but 11 and 12 HD don't work !