I created this site to share the scans I made.

This "group" is just me, senfgurke2, hence the name and I'm only scanning the official English releases, I did no translations, whatsoever.

If you like the manga you can find here, please buy them.

If you want to host or retranslate my releases, go ahead, you can do whatever you want. You don't need to ask me for permission, just do it, I don't care...just leave me a small comment, saying where it's going.

For any other questions regarding releases you can just leave a comment.


  1. awesome. thanks so much for scanning and sharing! i really like previewing manga before i buy, especially in english because the translation might suck.

  2. I think "The Third" of ITO Ariko would be nice if there are scans of it.

  3. I've watched the anime a couple of years ago and I liked it.
    I just have two problems with the manga series. First is the fact that in five years only two volumes were released and secondly Tokyopop was the publisher. I hate TP! Now that TP US is defunct there will most likely not even be any chance to see more of this if more volumes come out in Japan someday.
    I'd be more interested in reading the novels.
    Oh and they're probably hard to get a hold of (for a reasonable price).

  4. hey, thx for your efforts!
    Please; what do "H" and "W" mean?
    E.g: ""Volume 10: 1200px H | 1280px W""

  5. Edit: Are they the Height and Width?? :p
    Thx in advance!

  6. You are correct.
    In the 1200px H versions all pics have the same height, and the width varies, same for the 1280px W versions, just that the width is the same for everything (except for double pages or covers).

  7. I've been looking for To Terra to use in a fanvid, but even raws have been hard to find. Could you update the download link, please? *v*;;
    Thank you~!

  8. Sorry, I figured out the MediaFire folder like, right after I posted that... OTL;;;
    I'm really sorry for bothering you.

  9. I hope you got the version4 ones.

  10. I know you don't like Tokyopop, but could you maybe consider to scan "NG Life" by KUSANAGI Mizuho?
    The plot sounds quite interesting.

  11. M-U says it's already completely scanlated and all 9 volumes are on Manga Traders and probably a lot of other places.
    Soooooo no need for me to step in.

  12. Ah... Okay. Thanks. ^^
    I never check Manga Traders since I don't have an account there. Normally MT and Nihonomaru (where I have an account) have the same Manga, and since it wasn't on Nihonomaru...
    But you're right: Why should you scan it, when it already exists?
    Sorry for not searching thoroughly enough. ^^"

  13. Do you mind if I upload your mushishi release to animebyt.es?

  14. I just wanted to say a huge "Thank you" for all that you've done. You seriously don't have to do this, but you're doing it anyway. *huggles*

  15. thanks man, this is really great help, btw are you also scaning light novel?
    theres still too few out here who willingly scans their novel.

  16. I've scanned a few in the past and would like to do so more often but it's much more work than just releasing manga. Well...scanning isn't the bad part, it's much quicker than manga because I can scan in a lower quality, the hard part comes after that, since I don't just release them as is, but do OCR and try to make a proper ebook.
    If anyone would be willing to do that work, I'd happily scan more of the couple of novels I have (Slayers, Love Hina, Onegai Twins, Scrapped Princess, and a few more).

  17. Hi, I'm Gaby, I would to translate "Hell Girl" in Spanish. Thanks.

    My mail: gamilove15@hotmail.com
    web: http://fansubtakumausui.blogspot.com/

  18. Go ahead, you can do whatever you want.

  19. Ah, So your the one who scanned the Full Metal Panic Overload that I have! I'm going to be taking Mushishi and Haruhi now that I've found your lair. I'm reformatting everything to read on e-readers (ainonai.blogpost.com)

    Thanks for the scans that I couldn't get my hands on!

    OH! and I've been scanning and editing light novels a lot, so I'd definitely be willing to do all of the dirty work if you had any that interested me.

  20. I'm going to upload the Sumomomo Momomo scans on Mangafox if you don't mind.... I just read it and looked for the english scans and found this mystical place so...well....yeah.. I'll put in a credit page for you :D I wish i could do more to credit you.. :(
    If you have any problem at all I can go ahead and try to get them taken down.. the last update was April 24 2010 so I think the people have waited a long time, and I really want them to be happy :D
    Thanks for being so awesome!!! *admires*

  21. I have no problem with that, just go ahead.

  22. Hey
    I want to add you onto MangaUpdates as a "Scanlation Group". And I realize you don't actually translate any of these. I'd like to make sure it's ok with you if I add you under the Scanlation Group name: senfgurke2
    and link this site as your website. [Also if anyone else is reading this I'd appreciate the help keeping MangaUpdates up-to-date with volumes released from this site assuming senfgurke2 agrees to being put up on MU]

  23. I hope you didn't gave up on uploading. While I still have novels to finish, it would be nice to get more Haruhi Manga.

  24. Hello, I'm Ainee from Angel's Paradise : http://angelsparadise.eklablog.com/
    We would like to translate in french : Terra E - Keiko Takemiya of course we keep your credits and we link you in my team.
    you can contact me here : ainee1@live.fr
    Thank you for your good work.

  25. Yo do you have the rest of Bokura Ga Ita? The prices on Amazon are ridiculous.

  26. Hey bro! Thought I'd throw a few (a lot) suggestions by you:

    Akai Yuki/Red Snow
    Aka-chan to Boku
    Attack on Titan: Titan Junior High
    Golgo 13
    Hadashi no Gen/Barefoot Gen
    Hikari to Tomo ni.../With the Light
    Ikigami/Death Paper/Death Notice
    Judge http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=50254
    Kaitou Saint Tail
    Kamigami no Itadaki/Summit of the Gods
    Matantei Loki Ragnarok
    Megumi no Daigo
    MPD Psycho
    Paranoia Star
    Rurouni Kenshin Cinema Ban
    Sakura Taisen's missing volumes
    Saraiya Gorou/House of Five Leaves v3-8
    Saint Seiya v28
    Shounan Junaigumi
    Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker v5 and its sequel Peacemaker Kurogane
    Silent Mobius's missing volumes
    Tekken Chinmi
    Yume no Akichi/A Patch of Dreams

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

    1. I don't do incomplete series (at least try to avoid them) or single volumes. Stuff that's already scanlated is probably also a waste right now.
      Nothing from Vertical.
      I heard someone is working on something Kenshin related, though I don't know what exactly (don't even know if it's manga).
      The only thing that sound somewhat interesting is Jormungand and I doubt I'll ever buy it (stopped reading after v04).

    2. Ah, damn. Thanks for taking a look, in any case!

  27. BTW, are you going to continue with Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro? The series is continuing now...4th volume in English should be out this month...

  28. Probably not. The first two were scanned by Kickthekitty and I just edited them. Last time I checked I'd have to pay ~50 EUR for the first two books, since they are out of print and I don't like the idea of buying any more incomplete series.

  29. Loving the Haruhi series man! Keep up the good work!

  30. Darnit!
    I just missed out on Haruhi-chan Vol 5, 6, 7.
    Can anyone help me out?

    1. I'll re-upload them in the next few days, if you still need them. No other files were hit, so it doesn't look like some mass removal.

  31. Any plans of doing part one Naruto?

  32. senfgurke2 - can you please upload Excel Saga done so far? I've been wairing to read this for 10+ years :) i'm wisinting you website at least once a day since you posted about Excel Saga (6 month? :)) i really really want to read this... Thanks in advance.